The following sections offer a framework for understanding the distinct responsibilities of each of our discipline, along with a summary of how the disciplines work together effectively

In our practice, it provides structure when any two individual designers are collaborating—visual designer and interaction designer, two interaction designers, designer and developer, interaction designer and creative lead. While the practice of user experience design has become more established, practitioners often find themselves in new collaborative situations with creative professionals from many backgrounds. This model can be usefully applied in many core team situations, with participants from various disciplines. Over a product’s lifetime, designers across disciplines must do more than merely communicate. Interaction designers must coordinate and cooperate with visual and industrial designers, staging decision-making so that each discipline is equipped with the material it needs to work most effectively.
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Brand Identities
Graphics Design

Until the last 20 years or so, the discipline of graphic design was dominated by the medium of printed ink, as applied to packaging, advertising, environmental graphics, and document design. These traditional practices were not developed to address the demands of pixel-based output. However, the discipline has evolved considerably in the last two decades, and…

Product Design

When designing a convergent product, industrial designers must define the form of the physical product, embodying the brand with shape and material. For the purposes of interaction design, they specify physical input mechanisms. Interaction designers can perform research into the users’ overall needs and the device’s goals as a whole. Industrial designers lay the groundwork…

Visual Interface Design

In our practice, we’ve come to recognize that visual interface design is a critical and distinct discipline that must be conducted in concert with interaction design and—when appropriate—industrial design. It has great power to influence a product’s effectiveness and appeal. But for this potential to be fully realized, visual design must not be an afterthought—it…

Interaction Design

Interaction designers are responsible for understanding and specifying how the product should behave. This work overlaps with the work of both visual and industrial designers in a couple of important ways. When designing physical products, interaction designers must work with industrial designers early on to specify the requirements for physical inputs and to understand the…

Visual Information Design

Visual information design is concerned with the visualization of data, content, and navigation, rather than interactive functions. It is distinguished from information design in that it is less concerned with the content’s editorial and information architecture issues, focusing instead on the graphical presentation. This skill set is particularly important in designing data-intensive applications, where users…

Interior Design

We all live within an interior environment and most of us work, study, shop and worship inside of various buildings. Today’s integration of sustainable practices with interior design support enhancements in the productivity of workers in an office space, increase achievements of students within education campuses, attracts visitors in an exhibition and improve patient recovery…